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My Superstar Success Story begins with me eating nothing but raw food for six years straight.

I know, right? 

It’s crazy. The last thing I ever thought I’d do was eat uncooked plants like a deer, day in, day out, for years … but I was desperate to lose weight.

There was just one problem: I grew up on homemade Italian cooking, so if I couldn’t figure out how to make fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds delicious, this diet wasn’t going to last.

To my surprise, I did it. It took some time, but eventually I shared my dishes with loved ones, then published my recipes and weight loss progress in a blog.

That’s when a local chiropractor emailed asking if he could hire me to do smoothie demonstrations at his office.

So for the next several months, I made smoothies for his patients by the hundreds, who moved through his waiting room for their five minute adjustment appointments, twice or thrice weekly.

“How did you get into making smoothies” they asked, as they got used to having me there. I shared more and more of my personal story as I got used to them too.

I even found myself sharing intimate details, like:

  • just how much weight I had actually lost: over 150 pounds (that’s not a typo)
  • the shame I felt admitting that.
  • the depression that came with all that extra weight, plus the loneliness, and the hiding. The never feeling good enough.

The impact of my deep sharing blew my mind. I saw:

  • I saw eyes filled with hope for the first time in years.
  • Body sizes transformed before my eyes as they incorporated smoothies into daily family routines
  • Italian Nonna-style family hugs between patients and for me! I had missed them so much since my grandmother passed away the year before.

By the end of my time there, my heart was full—and it all started with me sharing a piece of my life story.

The connections I made there were worth more than any amount of money—though as I kept up with sharing my story online, and more local venues, including larger expos, success in the form of money followed, too.

I even broke my own sales record for this mentoring business that I started in 2009, by generating $30,000. of sales in one week.

So what does this have to do with you?

Stories connect you to people, and all success is built on serving people. That’s what business is about —and when our bios pop, the people we’re meant to serve, find us. They see us, they feel who they really are, and they want to work with us.

If I hadn’t shared my vulnerable, true, heartfelt personal story I would have just been another girl handing out food samples, after all. 

Instead I was seen and celebrated for my unique purpose on this planet, so that I could continue stepping deeper into my genius, by understanding it myself first, then sharing it with the world—which is exactly what I’m inviitng you to do, too.

Now I help other inspirational women to make sense of, articulate, and write down their life experiences to both inspire others, while at the same time catapulting their own success.

It’s exactly why I created Your Superstar Success Story, so I could unveil your genius for you. This is my done-for-you bio writing service. 

Your Superstar Success Story includes:

  • pre-session welcome package you start RIGHT NOW
  • full review of all materials you send to me in advance too
  • two edits
  • if any leftover words then use them any time in next year
  • full rights to use the words however you please, without my name attached at all (that’s why it’s called name is invisible 😉

Investment: $297. USD for 250 words

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