Meet Gina

This is about YOU AND ME, mastering the art of dancing in the rain, together β€” *no matter what* is happening in the world around us.

Why am I qualified to do this work?

I’ve been a Mentor for over ten years and have heaps of client success stories

Prior to becoming a Mentor I spent 12 years writing peoples histories for the provincial court government, which involved first and foremost being a great LISTENER, then a great writer.

I have also been writing peoples life stories for them as a ghostwriter since 2005.

My first business mentor was for a coffeehouse/bookstore I owned in Maple Ridge, British Columbia back in 1996. I was mentored by The Women’s Enterprise Society of B.C.

I have a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology and Psychology from Simon Fraser University

My work has been featured in The Huffington Post, Tonic Toronto Magazine, Vibrance Magazine, and Boho Daily.

I’m also been and remain committed to investing in my growth by working with the best mentors on the planet and have been investing in my development throughout my life.

I attended Nathalie Goldberg’s weekend intensive writing workshop in Sedona, Arizona and learning to “walk slowly” in her meditation practice was one of the most spiritually transformational times in my life.

A story I wrote and submitted to the Toronto Public Library led to a several years-long mentorship with Giller-Prize Winner and Man Booker Prize runner up Austin Clarke.

I also attended Julia Cameron’s day long workshop in Toronto, practicing her Morning Page ritual with her, in person! *my writer’s heart melts*

Other Random Facts About Me

I am completely and totally obsessed with cats, big and small.

I put my bare feet on the earth every day in the mountains of British Columbia, Canada where I live = I love barefoot earthing πŸ™‚

When I was a teenager I had both a pet goat and a pet peacock on our farm and learned that goats are not easy to get out of the house, when they manage to sneak in πŸ˜‰

I drove from Toronto, Ontario to Vancouver, British Columbia by myself back in 2010, stopping for an impromptu two month nature retreat in the middle of nowhere on my way.

I believe we ALL have genius and greatness stored inside of us and have always been passionate about bringing these out in humans, so the rest of the world could see their authentic light.

Are you ready to master dancing in the rain, no matter what is in the world around you?

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