Eliminating The Worry Habit

What if you just KNEW that every time stress came into your experience, it was worry.

Nothing else but worry!

Worry about health.

About money.

AND YES even about love!

But still, and really, nothing but *JUST* worry.

“Just” because the illusion of worry being real, is just that: an illusion.

Are you willing to try this on with me here, kind of like trying on a new dress, if even for a few moments? A dress in multi-coloured illusion that you get to put down, and trade in for another, any time you damn well please?

I realize it doesn’t sound like it, but this worry thing being an illusion? It is good news. Really, really, really good news!

Here’s the truth: worrying is a HABIT, a mental and emotional pattern, that has been practiced over and over and OVER again (maybe even for decades) and all habits can be changed.

You do this NOT by firing up will power and hoping it will lead you to long term change — it never does.

You do this by first noticing your habit, then clearing the beliefs driving it, those mental and emotional patterns underlying the behaviour, then you do the work of clearing, shifting, and replacing the habit with something that will serve your life, instead of eroding and ultimately destroying it, like worrying does.

Once you do this foundational work, you then get to step into mastery of it through practice, so you can more easily and swiftly deal with it when it pops back into your life.

This is when you’ll notice its power is permanently removed from your life. Yes, it may blip and pop up occasionally, but you’ll be able to handle it like a ninja, because it doesn’t control and rule your life anymore.

It’s like the difference between it being integrated into the root system of a tree vs bugs flying about here and there, once in a while, that literally do NOTHING to impact the development and thriving of the tree!

Make sense!!?!!

You’ve got to get it OUT of the root system to be free of it forever, and if you need help I just opened four spaces for my 90 minute CONFIDENCE-SQUARED sessions!

We’ll do the awareness-raising, clearing and shifting work on something that’s stopping you from achieving a goal right now, so that you so deeply understand what’s happening energetically, then have the experience of shifting to open up for new habits that support your goal.

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How To Keep Your Client Attraction Energy JUICY


To be doing your own thing.

Running a successful online business,

your way.

birthed in and by your energy,

your creativity,


You can feel it, you want it, there’s no question you’re meant for it…


Every morning, when you wake up, you find yourself being swooshed from that juicy place of first opening your eyes, still chin deep in that incredible soul business vision, so AMPED UP WITH EXCITEMENT you promise yourself today will be different, todays the day you *will* make it happen, no matter what…so you get up, skip to the sink to brush your teeth, then….head straight into a day full of ….NOTHINGNESS.

Maybe not 💀 completely dead 💀 nothingness, there are moments, of cuteness, moments that make you smile, but you know YOU KNOW it’s not even close to that feeling you woke up with, YOU KNOW there’s more…

You know you have that soul business vision FOR A REASON, it wasn’t just planted in you randomly, for nothing, making you feel THAT good every day when you first open your eyes (then first shut them again at the end of the day preparing for sleep).

But the rest of the day your eyes are open???

Hours tick by, running around doing things for him or her (juice draining out of you), following his or her direction (more juice draining out of you), helping to build his or her dream life (almost completely drained now) so you’re starting to wonder where that juice went, YOUR JUICE, that energy, which you’re now doubting was even true conviction…

You even have moments throughout the day when you find yourself forgetting your vision, your dream, THAT ENERGY YOU WOKE UP WITH, which scares the living F out of you….”will it go away one day forever??” …you wonder…will it just wilt and die like a starving plant no-one’s tending to???

You want to.

You DO!

Tend to you, your dreams—put that first, instead of everybody else’s needs and dreams and wants…you want to JUST live with that feeling for longer than a few seconds or minutes every damn day.

***BUT HOW?? When there’s so much to do, so much you HAVE TO do, for the kids, for your husband, your boss, for your extended family, FOR MONEY…for anyone and anything but, yourself.

HOW do you switch the momentum of your life from rolling AGAINST what you want (as you get lost in that daily swoosh away from your deepest vision and dreams), to instead work FOR YOU, with MAGNIFICENT POWER AND CONVICTION.

💗💪 You do this one hour at a time, My Love!

GET UP EARLIER, to make time for you. To build the habit muscle of putting YOU first, no matter what.

“But Gina I don’t have time!! I’m already exhausted as it is when my head hits the pillow every night..”

Me: You’re exhausted because you’re not feeding your SOUL first. That level of quality food that it demands and requires of you is NOT being met (let’s be honest you’re barely making this a priority) and the fact of the matter is: your soul never accepts anything less from you. And it never will!

It’s quality, priority and honouring that feeling it gives you in the morning SO MUCH that you take action aligned with it every day. You build that dream, every. Damn. Day. Pull it out of your soul and bring it into the world, no matter what it takes.

That’s conviction!

So eat better, move more, spend time in nature today to get a better sleep tonight, TO CREATE MORE ENERGY FOR YOURSELF by needing less sleep tonight, so you can set your alarm earlier *for you* tomorrow.

This is how it works. One step, one decision, one hour at a time.

What you choose today creates your tomorrow…and YES it is, all in your hands. The power is already in you.

So what are you going to do with it?


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Eliminating Your “Too Many New Customers At Once” Fear

Eliminating Your “Too Many New Customers At Once” Fear

Eliminating Your “Too Many New Customers At Once” Fear

Tonight I was thinking back to the eight-month-period right after April 2015, when I generated my first $30,000 sales week in my online coaching business.

It was crazy, I’d never seen that kind of money before — not all at once!! 

Even more crazy, was that I had generated it doing WHAT I LOVE, on my own terms. No profit formulas or strategies, no MLM structures, no follow-the-dots “do this or else your business won’t succeed” energy.

I was even in-between mentors at the time too, but I did have a great one for years six months prior to generating this giant sales week, so her energy was still with me —particularly the greatest thing she had taught me: FOLLOW YOUR SOUL.

Week after week after week after week, our conversations went like this:


Me: But this is happening now and I don’t know how to do XYZ…do you know anything about sales funnels, what to say to “get” people to buy my stuff, and what about an elevator pitch?

Her: What does your soul say?



So why did I keep asking her “what to do” and “how to do things properly” when I’d been working with her long enough to know damn well that my soul always had the answers?

3 reasons:

1) Training into a strong success mind.

2) Remembering who I was.

3) Re-training, away from the fear that had me *tempted* (never really actually listening to, not for long) business mentors that put strategy ahead of the heart and mindset work that I now know, without a doubt, is the driving force of 80-95% of any given entrepreneur’s business success. 

Sounds cute right? Oh! Right! Remember how special you are? Let go of the past. Follow your bliss. Listen to your heart….etc etc etc, right?

No — it’s far deeper than that! Everything I had learned and was practicing in my life was a result of my early life “training”= everything I’d been taught about life, and repeating to myself, in my head, over and over and over and over again.

Alllll my beliefs about “work” and “money” —coming from an immigrant family, these beliefs were hard, and tough, and very much based in SURVIVAL.

Because what does an immigrant family, brand new to a country, want more than anything?


My father couldn’t even speak English when he arrived in Canada, so to him, getting a GOOD job, and keeping it, was life. It would allow him to eat. To survive. To integrate and become part of this new country. To be part of a place, again. To be accepted, and more deeply, eventually, as he settled, feel and be loved here, on this new soil (after leaving the only land and soil he’d ever known his whole life!).

This is how deep these mindset roots that I had to master for myself, and which I now teach, go.

Mama and Papa’s life deep.

Lines and lines of ancestors before them deep.

Hella hella mountain-moving generations echoing (reaching all humanity) deep.

Standing up to face this stuff, what’s living inside your energy is not for the faint-hearted. It takes bravery. Warrior-level courage —stuff none of us were born with innately, but we get to practice our whole lives, (starting now).

So what does all of THIS have to do with that first 30k week?

Much like a wedding or a lottery win, good things come into our lives to flush up all the yucky stuff living within – the stuff that stopped us from achieving that high-vibe love or money beforehand.

That’s what happened to me during that period after that week —and if I didn’t see what was going on at a deeper level, in the subconscious mind, then did whatever it took to clear the sabotaging energy that seeped in and threatened to destroy my whole business during those eight months, I would have quit.

Because there I was, thinking it was going to be PURE BLISS, making that much money in such a short period of time, doing exactly what I loved … but those hard-ass deeply-rooted beliefs about money and work came up stronger and more wild than ever, to test my strength, my conviction, how much I cared about what I was doing to generate that wealth … it was that old immigrant survival program, rearing its ugly head. 

This time IN ME, just me, sitting there alone. No other family member present physically, they were only there energetically. Invisibly!!!

That period afterward, was HARD. I wasn’t anchored in the frequency of living with a ton of money in the bank, with even more money set to consistently come in, knowing now how large amounts would just keep on coming, getting bigger and bigger, through my business—and all I had to do was keep on doing what I love.

At some deep deep level, this didn’t make sense, and it terrified me at my core (what if I couldn’t keep it up? what if it was just a fluke? what if what I had believed my whole life about me not fitting in, not destined for weath, was really true?)

My friends said to me over and over during those eight months: “but you did it once, you’ll do it again. This is to be celebrated! Most people have never done ANYTHING like this before.”

BUT I COULDN’T HEAR THEM. I just went down down down into a slump. Back into those old money programs, about how “hard” work is supposed to be. Where money is “supposed” to go … deep down, lived a belief that it didn’t belong with me.

I started living like I wasn’t a successful business woman, that my fears were reality, so I should stop everything altogether—I even started looking for jobs at the end of that eight month period.

The worst part, was MY HEART!!! Because my love for my clients, the very love I have today, from my very first client to all of them since, has never ever ever changed or gone away. 

What did happen, during that slump, is worry came in to cloud it. To prevent me from opening and trusting as much as when I started this business back in 2009 with just me, the forest I jogged in, and my phone to record videos, take pics, and write words that would change the lives of people I cared about, the souls I was born to serve.

MONEY ITSELF didn’t do this, *my* money beliefs at the time, and the fears that had originally created them, did. They blocked the only thing that will make business last and last and last and thrive and expand on the regular: TRUE LOVE AND CARE FOR THE PEOPLE YOU SERVE THROUGH YOUR BUSINESS.

My heart chakra was clouded by fear, my ego was scared, and started driving my whole life. I was starting to give up!!

Because without love, there’s nothing.

Literally nothing.

It’s just another job. Another survival program, singing to the tune of life doesn’t ever get to be the way we REALLY want it to be, so we just have to go with it.

= complete and utter BS (it also drives a lot of the “hard masculine energy” Boss B*tch movement out there, but that’s for another entry).

I’ve waivered back and forth from that place of survival, being worried, as larger and larger amounts poured through my business, that I’d never live up to it all, that somehow, that I had to be better, smarter, more responsible, that it was all a fluke or a mistake or something.

The intensity of the waivering and the times I spend waivering are much less intense now, because I’ve cleared the old survival programs. I see what they were, did the healing work to release them, for good, so my deeply loving energy can flow freely from my heart, to my (now healthy) ego.

Dealing with the downside of success, of these wild experiences our entrepreneurial journey takes us on, is what makes the difference.

It’s what allowed me, in the end, stay connected to the love that started me on this venture in the first place—consistently, forever. It’s even systemized in my business, behind the scenes and out front, inside, outside, and backward, because it’s the original fabric, and I know now, more than ever, that without it, I don’t have a business. Without love, I have nothing!

Most of all, without love, this connection to my heart, my people, WHY I created this business in the first place, who and what I’m doing all of this for, makes me lose touch with ME.

The ME I like.

The ME I was born to be.

And after all these years of dancing and playing with those old sabotaging patterns (aka MASTERING THEM) I’m not available to entertain even the idea of not liking my life, my business, ME, ever again.

We are meant to love. We are meant to live how we know in our souls we are born to live.

Earth-shaking challenges and downsides coming and going as they do, as they will, we’re meant for tidal waves of the most amazing business love…to stand in the middle of it all…HAND ON HEART.




Exactly what this love would do.

XOXO Gina 


Trying to build an online empire with business strategy alone is like expecting your car to run without gas.

The bones are there, the structure of the thing that has the potential to get you where you want to go,


the juice isn’t.

I could give you a billion dollar strategy right now but if your energy is not aligned to it,

that is – your thoughts and feelings determining what actions you do (and don’t) take all day long,

it won’t work.

It will sit on your computer and after voraciously reading through it and jotting down AHAs and TO-DOs right after you receive it

= when it’s still shiny and new,

you’ll forget about it.

The dopamine wears off and your energy goes back to where it was before = the success (or lack thereof) that your online empire is experiencing right now.

Mindset work on yourself is juice.

And you need to fill up daily on the juicy fruits of if you’re going to make it work.




I have two spaces for my CONFIDENCE2 private 1:1 mentoring program opening on Feb 14th.

This is for the woman who is ready to generate premium energy to build and grow her online empire with.

Starting with your choice of a half or full day session together, we will dive deep into the belief patterns determining your daily productivity and how to make both the process of creating empire-level success, AND the result, juicier than ever!!!

We’ll then continue working together for the next 3 months, as you achieve your goal and anchor in the new energy of it 🙌💗

This is about stepping into and holding a confidence “no matter what” frequency together as we work through your personal energy blocks that are keeping you from alignment and the JOY, success and freedom on all levels —emotional, physical, financial, that working on your mindset has to offer.



Don’t you dare give up

dont give up Gina Silvestri empowerment life coach success trauma mindset business human design projector reiki EFT business coach ghostwriting ghostwriter millionnaire mentor vancouver bc

At first it’s the HARDEST THING to allow yourself to live a good, free life.

You’re not used to it.

You’re so used to “living without” that you’re starting to wonder if expressing your true self regularly through your life’s work, and being paid for doing what you love is ever going to happen for you.

I get it. I lived wondering that exact same thing, too!

People think it’s so easy to follow your soul and live a good life – and even though most people only give it a moment’s thought, what they usually don’t understand is that experiencing it is a whole other thing.

That’s why 95% of lottery winners lose all their money within a year or two of receiving it – they return to life as it was before. The new way of living is so foreign, so different, so uncomfortable … even when it’s a really really good thing, even when it’s their supposed DREAM LIFE …

They’re way more comfortable there, where their life and work and money situation has always been, what they’re used to.

Besides, not everyone is cut out for the emotional and mental dedication, persistence, courage and plain WORK (mindset healing work, that is) that it takes to raise your energy set point and live in a totally NEW way.

– YES even a more positive way is tough to get used to for many many people, when you’ve been used to struggling so hard, when that’s all you ever knew!

Yet I’m here to tell you that it is possible, it can be easier than you think, when you:

  • forgive yourself for not moving faster or not being tougher or making mistakes (and whatever else you berate yourself for)
  • accept where you are right now, then allow yourself to find a way to make it happen, to keep going, and
  • love yourself enough to find a support person who resonates with you, who is there for you when you need help with all the change, discomfort, and tough spots!

This last point is crucial. Choose your support person wisely.

Make sure it’s someone who gets the journey.
Who’s been in both the poor and the overflow places.

Who sees you.

Who can BOTH gently hold and push you into your next phase of growth and *receiving* at the same time.

Whatever you do, don’t ever give up, youuuu!!!

This writing life was meant for you.

It’s always been for you, and it’s right here, waiting.


P.S. I have spaces opening up for new Ghostwriting and/or Book Coaching clients! We can start with a “get-to-know-each-other-call” to see if we feel we’re the right fit to bring your next book out into the world, together. To schedule your call, CLICK HERE NOW.


Gina Silvestri empowerment life coach success trauma mindset business human design projector reiki EFT business coach ghostwriting ghostwriter millionnaire mentor vancouver bc
If you feel your book will insult or hurt someone, you’re never gonna write it.
That’s why, when your write your book with me, you get UNLIMITED access to me, through an app you can type on anytime, day or night. We ghostwriters know what it is to be moved by the Muse/Spirit in the middle of the night, then HAVING TO write, after all 👻 💕 🖊
This way when “stuff” comes up – the very stuff that threatens to stop *every* human from finishing their book, I’m right there with you. We work it out, do whatever it takes to move you through it, and then we keep going, together 💜
I’ve invested thousands upon thousands in top notch mentors to get myself out of MY OWN way over the years, so I’m well-practiced and versed, in addition to client testimonials showing results of working with me.
I also wrote a book that starts out sharing my vulnerable, personal story about how, in 2004, after a lifetime of being athletic, I worked on Canada’s second largest child murder case in my career (I know, beyond sad) and ended up with PTSD and gained 150 pounds to cope with it and the psychotropic medications I was put on to help me relax and be able to sleep!
Needless to say, there was A LOT of resistance and gunk coming up as I wrote that story, then when I published it on Amazon, believe you me.
The thing is though, writing that book, including overcoming all of my inner blocks to doing so, was one of the most healing, empowering experiences I’ve ever had – and I want the same for you.
This is how you rise above, and write that book, no matter what. You remember what the book writing process is truly all about. It’s a transformational, life-giving, nurturing experience FOR YOU!
When you keep this in mind, writing becomes easy. You want to show up, sit your butt in that chair, and type.
Message me or visit Empowered With Gina .com if you have a book in you, and let’s chat about completing it together.
I still have space this month, we can get it finished in 30 days.
Don’t forget, and you know this if you’re one of my people, it’s our slogan:
🥂 we write or we die 🥂
(at soul level first…then our bodies follow if we don’t do what we’re meant to do in the world!!)
Here’s to living ALIVE and radiant in our most authentic, highest soulful self, in every moment … and letting book writing lead our way.