Are toxic relationships stopping you from getting it done?

⚠️ Romantic relationships with unhealthy/toxic people are perfect for procrastinating and avoiding GETTING THINGS DONE.

Every time you don’t feel like doing something that you really want to get done (so you can live that life of your dreams once and for all) you just go push the “ACTIVATE DRAMA” button and voila, instead of healthy, life-giving, forward-moving productivity, your day is now filled with:

💥 huge blowups, tears, intense emotion

💥 conversations that last all day, leave you exhausted, and don’t really go anywhere productive

💥 tension that now has you unable to focus or concentrate (it maybe even has you going straight for your own numbing/toxic habits … see the pattern here?)

OK so your day is now full of reasons not to do the things you say you wanted to get done (so that you can live that better life you dream of) which, if you’re really honest with yourself,

you weren’t EVER really able to get done even before you met this unhealthy/toxic person you’re now in romantic relationship with,

but now you’ve really got someone to actually blame AND if this person is uber toxic, you may even have some serious problems on your hands now that will keep you distracted away from that dream life now for years and years. Keeping you away from creating and living that dream life you say you want.

❤️❤️❤️ Listen, I say all of this with so much LOVE, knowing we don’t choose to fall into this pattern consciously … knowing very well this kind of shiz only happens in the land of the subconscious…and that it’s not fun and super scary at times and beyond frustrating!!!

—-because I know your heart knows what is possible for you, what kind of life you’re meant for even, if you could only free yourself from such messes <—*exactly* how I felt 😩

and it’s also my life’s mission to share why and how this happens, so we can transcend it all, and actually see our dream life manifested here on the physical plane —instead of in the land of “someday” or “if only” or “when this changes, then I can get it done.”

🤯 The truth is, looking at those underlying reasons why we’re not getting those things done that manifest the dream life, then shifting that inner foundation is the ONLY THING that needs to happen.

And this happens with ourselves alone. Nobody else.

It actually doesn’t matter how anyone else behaves around us when we do this, even if you’re quarantined in a tiny apartment with them right now.

🌟 Everything you want to create in your life begins inside of you – how you think/feel determines what you do/don’t do, and your actions/behaviours either build the life you want to be living, or they don’t. 🌟

✅ it’s really that simple ✅

And if you’re caught in unhealthy cycles that you’ve stayed in for years, or you perpetuate/participate in yourself, don’t beat yourself up! DO THIS INSTEAD…

✅ Go inward, instead of replaying old patterns outwardly.

✅ Have compassion for yourself (and eventually that other person) because our nervous systems are literally PROGRAMMED to react when we’re triggered, in ways that don’t exactly create harmony with others (run away, freeze up/avoid, and the good ol’ fight reflex)

✅ Then MASTER transcending this stuff like a mofo, by shifting those deep patterns, because that’s where all your manifesting power lies.

Because if there was ever a TO DO list that needed getting done, it’s this one.

🏆 Because we are the director of our outer circumstances!

Nothing, nobody, no circumstance decides how our life plays out for us.

It’s only us, dealing with or not dealing with, the inner landscape that wombs and eventually births it all.


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Ghostwriter & Success Mindset Champion Since 2009

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