Eliminating The Worry Habit

What if you just KNEW that every time stress came into your experience, it was worry.

Nothing else but worry!

Worry about health.

About money.

AND YES even about love!

But still, and really, nothing but *JUST* worry.

“Just” because the illusion of worry being real, is just that: an illusion.

Are you willing to try this on with me here, kind of like trying on a new dress, if even for a few moments? A dress in multi-coloured illusion that you get to put down, and trade in for another, any time you damn well please?

I realize it doesn’t sound like it, but this worry thing being an illusion? It is good news. Really, really, really good news!

Here’s the truth: worrying is a HABIT, a mental and emotional pattern, that has been practiced over and over and OVER again (maybe even for decades) and all habits can be changed.

You do this NOT by firing up will power and hoping it will lead you to long term change — it never does.

You do this by first noticing your habit, then clearing the beliefs driving it, those mental and emotional patterns underlying the behaviour, then you do the work of clearing, shifting, and replacing the habit with something that will serve your life, instead of eroding and ultimately destroying it, like worrying does.

Once you do this foundational work, you then get to step into mastery of it through practice, so you can more easily and swiftly deal with it when it pops back into your life.

This is when you’ll notice its power is permanently removed from your life. Yes, it may blip and pop up occasionally, but you’ll be able to handle it like a ninja, because it doesn’t control and rule your life anymore.

It’s like the difference between it being integrated into the root system of a tree vs bugs flying about here and there, once in a while, that literally do NOTHING to impact the development and thriving of the tree!

Make sense!!?!!

You’ve got to get it OUT of the root system to be free of it forever, and if you need help I just opened four spaces for my 90 minute CONFIDENCE-SQUARED sessions!

We’ll do the awareness-raising, clearing and shifting work on something that’s stopping you from achieving a goal right now, so that you so deeply understand what’s happening energetically, then have the experience of shifting to open up for new habits that support your goal.

Visit EMPOWEREDWITHGINA.COM to book yours today.


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