How To Keep Your Client Attraction Energy JUICY


To be doing your own thing.

Running a successful online business,

your way.

birthed in and by your energy,

your creativity,


You can feel it, you want it, there’s no question you’re meant for it…


Every morning, when you wake up, you find yourself being swooshed from that juicy place of first opening your eyes, still chin deep in that incredible soul business vision, so AMPED UP WITH EXCITEMENT you promise yourself today will be different, todays the day you *will* make it happen, no matter what…so you get up, skip to the sink to brush your teeth, then….head straight into a day full of ….NOTHINGNESS.

Maybe not 💀 completely dead 💀 nothingness, there are moments, of cuteness, moments that make you smile, but you know YOU KNOW it’s not even close to that feeling you woke up with, YOU KNOW there’s more…

You know you have that soul business vision FOR A REASON, it wasn’t just planted in you randomly, for nothing, making you feel THAT good every day when you first open your eyes (then first shut them again at the end of the day preparing for sleep).

But the rest of the day your eyes are open???

Hours tick by, running around doing things for him or her (juice draining out of you), following his or her direction (more juice draining out of you), helping to build his or her dream life (almost completely drained now) so you’re starting to wonder where that juice went, YOUR JUICE, that energy, which you’re now doubting was even true conviction…

You even have moments throughout the day when you find yourself forgetting your vision, your dream, THAT ENERGY YOU WOKE UP WITH, which scares the living F out of you….”will it go away one day forever??” …you wonder…will it just wilt and die like a starving plant no-one’s tending to???

You want to.

You DO!

Tend to you, your dreams—put that first, instead of everybody else’s needs and dreams and wants…you want to JUST live with that feeling for longer than a few seconds or minutes every damn day.

***BUT HOW?? When there’s so much to do, so much you HAVE TO do, for the kids, for your husband, your boss, for your extended family, FOR MONEY…for anyone and anything but, yourself.

HOW do you switch the momentum of your life from rolling AGAINST what you want (as you get lost in that daily swoosh away from your deepest vision and dreams), to instead work FOR YOU, with MAGNIFICENT POWER AND CONVICTION.

💗💪 You do this one hour at a time, My Love!

GET UP EARLIER, to make time for you. To build the habit muscle of putting YOU first, no matter what.

“But Gina I don’t have time!! I’m already exhausted as it is when my head hits the pillow every night..”

Me: You’re exhausted because you’re not feeding your SOUL first. That level of quality food that it demands and requires of you is NOT being met (let’s be honest you’re barely making this a priority) and the fact of the matter is: your soul never accepts anything less from you. And it never will!

It’s quality, priority and honouring that feeling it gives you in the morning SO MUCH that you take action aligned with it every day. You build that dream, every. Damn. Day. Pull it out of your soul and bring it into the world, no matter what it takes.

That’s conviction!

So eat better, move more, spend time in nature today to get a better sleep tonight, TO CREATE MORE ENERGY FOR YOURSELF by needing less sleep tonight, so you can set your alarm earlier *for you* tomorrow.

This is how it works. One step, one decision, one hour at a time.

What you choose today creates your tomorrow…and YES it is, all in your hands. The power is already in you.

So what are you going to do with it?


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